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How To Improve Your Email Marketing

February 22, 2016

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and communicate to a targeted audience.  Make sure you are using your email marketing effectively in order to fully interact with your audience.

Here are two steps you can take in order to make sure you are not experiencing opt-outs and UN-subscribers.

1) You Can Never Have Too Little Click Throughs.

Just like with a website, if you're frustrated with the design of an email, you're going to click out within a matter of seconds. It's the same with email marketing. Humans like structure and flow. There's a reason why we listen to classical music. It makes sense. We, as a listener, know what's coming and enjoy hearing that next chord. With email marketing, if you explain a new drink at your restaurant or bar, it is paramount you have a link back to your website, to another article, to your social media, etc. Make sure the reader has avenues to take to continue learning about this new drink until they are totally satisfied. In the future, your open rate will be higher because an email from your business will be considered more of an informational experience for the reader, rather than something they are just being told. Your emails become interactive, ultimately, increasing reach.

2) Subject Line Is Everything.

You don't want to be "that" business.  More than likely, you've seen this yourself.  You'll open your email first thing in the morning and there's "that" business sending you another email.  Well, what can you do to make sure people aren't saying this about you?  The first thing you can do is make sure your subject line is specific. Instead of "Fall Specials", why not "Our Homemade Oktoberfest Beer Is Back".  This is a technique used to grab the reader's attention.  There's a good chance the reader of the email probably has a couple emails in his/her inbox that has something to do with "fall".  Break away and be specific!

Concepts In Marketing can help you with all your email marketing needs.  Never go a weekend with out a full restaurant, full hotel room bookings, corporate events, back to back weddings, mitzvah's, etc.  Let us help you make sure your company is driving as much revenue possible.  Don't waste such a valuable opportunity by not communicating effectively through email marketing.

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This post was written by the marketing consultants at New Jersey's top hospitality marketing agency, Concepts In Marketing.